23nd Nagaoka Film Festival

September 15. (Sat) – 17. (Mon) , 2018

Nagaoka Lyric Hall

7years and two months since the Tohoku earthquake.

What does it mean to your movies.

We are waiting for your movies.

This year as well: to all the movie lovers, sent from Nagaoka.

Application deadline is July 23, 2018 (postmark stamp)

*No scholarship should be awarded to any competitors of this competition.

Organisator:Community Cinema Nagaoka

20th Nagaoka Indies Movie Competition Application

23nd Nagaoka Film Festival

September 15 (Sat) – 17 (Mon) 2018

1.Application Rules

-The year of completion of the movie work has to be after January 1st 2015.

-The movie’s duration must not exceed 30 minutes.

-A viewing copy of the movie in form of a Video-DVD has to be provided for

the jury. 2 copies should be provided. This copy will not be returned after

the selection process, but archived at Buhler’s laboratory of the Nagaoka

Institute of Design for further research of Japanese movie culture.

-All the necessary permissions of possible right-holders (e.g. music,

pictures or else) regarding public screening has to be obtained by the

applicant before the application. The work lacked necessary permission shall

be excluded from the selection process.

– 2 copies of DVD of applicant work should be provided.

2.Application Period

-May 23 to July 23, 2018 (postmark stamp)

3.Application Process

-Fill out the application form below、and send it together with the 2 copies

of DVD of your movie and the application fee cheque.

-The application fee amounts to \1000 for each movie. Please pay the

application fee at a post counter (postal money order) and send the post

office cheque (定額小為替) together with your application documents.

However, applications from outside Japan are free of charge.

4.Jury Selection Process

-The Indies Movie Competition Comission of the Community Cinema Nagaoka

selects the price-winning works.

-The prize-winning works will be announced at official site initially. The

final selection will be held in August.

-The “Grand Prix” work will be screened with other selected works at the

23nd Nagaoka Film Festival.

-All applicants are invited to the film festival for all three days. This

covers the tickets for the screenings, but travel expenses and lodging

expenses, etc. will be on the participants own expenses. The invitation will

be sent to the applicants together with the jury results.

5.Application Address


新潟県長岡市東坂之上町2-3-3 雑本堂古書店内

コミュニティシネマ長岡 ながおか映画祭 作品応募係り宛

Community Cinema Nagaoka

Indies Movie Competition

Zappondo Koshotennai

Higashi Sakanoue-machi 2-3-3

Nagaoka 940-0066



Community Cinema Nagaoka

+8190-9639-6855(Sekiya) or +81258-37-3512(Yaoita)



——– application form ——–

Please send this form together with your DVD to the address above.


-Movie Title

-Production Date(month/year)

-Duration (minutes)

-Name of Filmmaker

-Sex _male _female

-Age ___years old

-Occupation (or name of education institution)

-Staff, Cast


-Telefon Number

-Mail Address

-Other (e.g. if the applicant is different from the filmmaker)

-Movie Description

 - 長岡インディーズムービーコンペティション